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A lot of ambience centered around ducks...

In our house everything is focused around the duck theme.
The patroness, Christel Brühl, has lost her heart to the water loving fowl and at the same time shares affectionately numerous ducks through decorations and style elements.

It all started more than 30 years ago with two ducks, which Christel found so nice that she searched for company for the two of them. Over the years the collection became more and more.
Starting with wooden ducks with engravings in the wood, hangers and even the toilet lid.
Today it has become a unique collection. And the duck family grows constantly – presents from friends and guests from all over the world make it exciting, diverse and unique.
Visit us and be astonished at what all you can discover! And we promise, you will always find a new duck over and over again.
Also with food everything is focused around the duck. The specialty of the house is – how could it be different, of course the duck!!!
Relating ducks to real life, Kurt Brühl says:
„ The men are the prettier ones and the women have the say”… We just leave it like this then!

Convince yourself, come in and get your own personal piece of the duck’s luck
We are looking forward to your visit in our hotel


To make your vacation unforgettabe! Experience with us the special!

Unique, colorful & modern decoration according to the seasons with a lot of ambience centered around the duck!

Enjoy high-quality & regional products with a fantastic breakfast!

Personality & warmness of a family business

Quality!   Quality!  Quality!


What a wonderful world and a beautiful town, love Rüdesheim am Rhein and book now...